The main activity of our company is providing pharmaceutical enterprises with high-quality substances and consumables..

The company specializes in providing a wide range of services for both corporate clients and individuals. Professionalism and responsibility are the key advantages of our company.

  1. Prompt shipment of high-quality raw materials by order.
  2. Marketing research on the requested drug / substance.
  3. Analysis of the potential of sales of products, its analogs, competitors of the modern pharmaceutical market in Ukraine or other countries
  4. Registration - we offer professional assistance in the provision of services for the registration of medicinal products and substances on the territory of Ukraine, starting with a competent consultation on the preparation of the necessary package of documents and ending with the receipt of the registration certificate.
  5. Providing necessary documents: GMP (PICs GMP, EGMP), ISO, DMF (USDMF, EDMF), CEP / COS, WC, audits.
  6. Delivery of free samples for the production of trial lots of Finished Pharmaceutical Products.
  7. Proposal Commercial Proposition from alternative supplier.
  8. Operative supply of high quality raw materials and on request directly to the customer.