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PVC (Polyvinylchloride) - colorless, clear plastic, vinylchloride thermoplastic polymer.
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PVC (polyvinylchloride) - colorless, clear plastic, vinylchloride thermoplastic polymer. It differs in chemical resistance to alkalies, mineral oils, many acids and solvents. It does not burn in air, but has low frost resistance (-15°C). Thermal resistance: +65 °C.

Properties of Polyvinylchloride:

  • Weatherability. Polyvinylchloride resistant to aggressive environmental factors
  • Omnitude. Polyvinylchloride can be both flexible and rigid
  • Fire resistance. Polyvinylchloride is rated as flash-resistant material due to the presence of chlorine in its molecule
  • Longevity. PVC materials can serve up to 100 years and more
  • Hygiene. Polyvinylchloride is the most common polymer for manufacturing of medical devices, including containers for storing blood and plasma.
  • Energy Efficiency. Polyvinylchloride has a high heating value, upon utilization in garbage incinerator generates a plenty of warm, which used for heating of dwelling houses and industrial buildings, however without environmental pollution.
  • Barrier properties. Polyvinylchloride has a highly low permeability against liquids, vapors and gases .
  • Environmental compatibility. PVC contains of only 43% petroleum derivatives, thereby contributing to the saving of non-renewable natural raw materials.
  • Salvageability. PVC more than many other polymers, suitable for recycling
  • Hazard resistance. PVC was so often subjected to unjustified attacks, which had to be refuted with scrupulous scientific research, that today it is one of the most studied materials in the world
  • Efficiency. PVC manufacturing is one of the cheapest large-capacity polymers, providing the best cost/quality ratio for many products

One of the most important properties, that determined consumption segment and, consequently, demand for one or another kind of PVC trademark (polyvinylchloride), is K-value, which is a molecular weight characteristic of PVC.

Types of products:

  • Suspension PVC
  • Emulsion PVC



PVC ( Polyvinylchloride) is popular in manufacturing of large number of healthcare products, especially:

Medical package
- Blisters
- Plasticised containers
Medical device industry
- Surgical gloves
- Bags for dialysis and for various medical solutions
- Surgical gloves
For food products and liquids or for cosmetic and chemical products. For example:
- Bottles
- Caps and plastic lids
- Containers
- Compactners
- Films
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