Plastic vials

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The vial — it is a bottle, special storage container for liquids, free-flowing and tableted substances.
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Vials are produced of polymer materials or glass, rhinestone and ceramic, metal, semiprecious stones, sometimes of wood.

Vials design is differs vast variety – used colored or natural materials, various decoration techniques (incrustation, embossing, stone and glass carving, painting, cladding, printing, volumetric details of glass, metal, porcelain or plastics). Shape of the vial might be different – there are vials in the form of animals, plants, household items, flowers, figures of people or abstract shapes etc. The vial may be double – contain two repositories for liquids or free-flowing substances, and also may be as part or main detail of chandelier, lamp, jewelry.

The vial always has a non-perforated lid, that prevents graduation – cork stopper, ground glass lid, glass stopper with a plastic strip-leporello, lid with a built-in spray and pump-syringe. The lid can be located either at the top of the vial or on the side or bottom. Modern bottles for scent, eau de toilette and other cosmetic substances, manufactured in industrial way, uses crimp caps and lids with built-in spray (bottles-atomizers). Glass handmade vials, manufactured in fusing technique, have glass ground lids. Vials for oil fluids use screw caps with built-in pipettes or droppers.

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